Offshore Bank Account

Mauritius, Singapore and European Banking

Premier can help you to open your Corporate Bank Account for your Mauritius or Offshore Company including cheque books, debit/credit cards and Internet Banking facilities. The requirements for bank account opening depend on where you want the account to be opened.

Bank Account opening in Mauritius and Europe

These banks do not normally require personal presence of the authorized signatories and company officers for bank account opening. Original or appropriately certified documents are acceptable. We will co-ordinate with the bank accordingly as a regulated introducer.

Bank Account Opening in Singapore

Due to ever increasing compliance and regulatory requirements, most of the banks in Singapore require your personal presence of the authorized signatories and company officers in order to open a company bank account.

With exceptions, some banks do allow you to open a bank account without your physical presence as long as the necessary signatures are witnessed by a notary public overseas.

Minimum balance requirements and bank charges

The minimum balance requirements and bank charged for a company bank account in Mauritius, Singapore or Europe vary from bank to bank. The approval for offshore accounts is done on a case-by-case basis. Due to our excellent banking relationships with most of the international & local banks based in Singapore, Mauritius & Europe, Premier can assist you in setting up a corporate bank account quickly and easily.

If you require an Offshore Company or need an advice for your needs, please call our Expert Team who can assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at (230) 245 6703. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at (230) 245 6704.