Mauritius Funds - Applications

Mauritius is a fast growing international financial centre for structuring of Mauritius Funds and their administration. Mauritius Funds can be effectively used for investments by worldwide investors particularly into emerging countries like India, Asia, Middle East and African countries.

Funds in Mauritius are incorporated under the Companies Act 2001 and are licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Financial Services Act 2007 (FSA 2007), Securities Act 2005 as amended (SA 2005) and the Securities (Collective Investment Schemes & Closed-End Funds) Regulations 2008 (CIS Regulations). Mauritius Funds are required to hold a Global Business Corporation (GBC) License under the FSA 2007 and an activity license under the CIS Regulations.

The legal framework provides the possibility to investors to select the type of investment funds that best suit their profile, risk tolerance and return objective.

The Securities Act 2005 and the rules and regulations made under it allow for the creation of Collective Investment Schemes (Open-Ended Funds), Closed Ended Funds, Professional Collective Investment Schemes, Specialised Collective Investment Schemes and Expert Funds. The Funds can be structured as Umbrella Funds, Protected Cell Companies, Feeder/Master Funds, Fund of Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and others. Foreign recognized schemes may also be registered in Mauritius.

Mauritius has a number of benefits for the management and administration of Funds as compared to centres such as Cayman Islands, BVI, Bermuda and others. It has several advantages for Funds set up and administration.

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